The Day They All Died Young


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She didn’t look back or up at him. She kept on walking until she was out of sight and Sam was left reeling on the upper deck, holding a hand to his forehead and drinking in that lingering perfume of hers. He turned his face upwards and saw the crescent moon, hanging like a cosmological question-mark in the sky.

Sam Rosehill, is a poor man in a rich man’s world. At sixteen years old, the abandonment of his mother left him to raise his six year old sister, Enith, alone. After twelve years of bitter struggle as a croupier in Mayfair’s biggest casino, Sam is given an opportunity for a meteoric rise in wealth and fortune. Felicity Hardy, heiress, model and actress promises him her besotted daughter, on one condition: Sam must murder her husband. Only one thing stands in his way – his conscience.

In the same city is Tom Stiller, a young man, without hope. Diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, he is trapped in mind as well as in body, locked away in a care home, reminiscing of a girl he cannot forget. In a single night this all changes, when he is visited by the apparition of his hero: Buddy Holly. Buddy offers Tom freedom and return of the girl of his dreams. In return, he demands Tom’s total obedience. Tom accepts, with devastating results both for himself and for Enith Rosehill, the girl he thought he loved. 

This is a tale of two families whose souls and stories intertwine, seeking redemption from past sins and hoping for salvation through future ones. This is a tale of madness, power, murder and love, in the devil’s favourite city.


Buy Here for Paperback ($16.99)

& Here for Kindle (FREE)


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